Saturday, January 1, 2011

How To Kick Heroin, Using Kratom

Kratom has been used for hundreds of years in the East to treat opium addictions. Kratom is currently legal in most states. However, in Thailand you can get the death penalty for possession of a plant that grows wild there. Kratom will not make you piss hot for opiates but, it will prevent withdrawal symptoms.

As part of a harm reduction maintenance program, kratom can fill empty opiate receptors in the brain. Thereby, preventing the hardships of dealing with opiate withdrawal symptoms. Kratom can be purchased on the internet below.

Quality Kratom from Thailand and Malaysia
Quality Kratom from Thailand and Malaysia

Prices range from $30 a quarter pound to $100 + per quarter pound. The individual dosage depends on the amount of heroin used on a daily basis. Technically, these herbs are not for human consumption and you shouldn't use them in an inappropriate manner. I am only sharing this information because kratom worked for me when I kicked heroin.

What worked for me for example, I smoked a gram of heroin a day, so I needed about an ounce of low grade kratom. With higher grades of kratom, a person may only need a quarter of an ounce to a half of an ounce per dose. I would always start my doses off small and work my way into larger amounts.


  1. how long did you take heroin and are you still off it? do you still use kratom? thanx for a reply, i'm really looking for something that maybe makes things a little bit easier kicking the shit! don't want to take methadone, especially not for the rest of my life!
    good luck!

    1. In response to the question on how long I was on heroin, I smoked it for 3 years and then "graduated" to shooting for another year. At the time I grew pot to support my tar habit and it was an expensive habit. I was using a whole gram or two every day when I was smoking. Nothing in Alaska is cheap but, tar is really expensive here. A nifty goes for $50 and a gram goes for $300 or more.

      I have been off of it for 2 years now. I have almost forgot how bad getting sick felt. I do remember feeling trapped and wanting to kick but being powerless over the withdrawals. I tried Subs, Methadone, and cold turkey to kick at least 2 dozen times and it never worked.

      I can not publicly confirm or deny that I have relapsed and used heroin in the last 2 years. I do still drink Kratom occasionally. My last cup of tea was probably 2 months ago. For me the most important thing was not getting dope sick. Kratom is a natural way to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and for me it made it possible for me to get off of tar.

      My email is for anyone that is thinking about getting off of heroin and would like to know more about how I did just that with it.