Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How I Used Kratom

Kratom is not approved for use by humans and is not intended for human consumption.

  I took Kratom on a daily basis, at my own risk, for a few months, to quit abusing heroin. I owe my heroin free life to this strange plant from south east asia. To me, it felt like my brain's opiate receptors were filled up and happy. I made a hot tea made from Kratom leaves every morning to keep myself from getting dope sick. I felt well about a half an hour after ingesting my first cup of tea.

  I would use a single ounce of the Bali Kratom every day. I would make three or four cups of tea from the one ounce of dried Kratom leaves. By steeping the same leaves a few times , I felt like I was extracting all of the active ingredient into my tea. An ounce a day is a very high dose, and a person that does decide to ingest something that isn't made for human consumption, should definitely start off with much lower dosages.

Premium Kratom from Malaysia and Thailand

  Most sources on the internet, say that the average user will experience a stimulant like effect from as little as 3.5 grams and up to 7 grams.  Expect a sedative like feeling, with dosages that range from 7 grams to 14 grams of dried kratom leaves. When i quit using heroin, I was using a gram a day of heroin every day and that's why I needed such a high dose of kratom to prevent myself from getting sick. I actually felt a good little body buzz and mental euphoria every time I drank, Kratom tea. I also had to factor in the idea that the Bali Kratom was good kratom, but not the highest quality kratom available.

  I had to start my dosage off small and tune into my body's proper dosage needs. At one ounce a day taken via a hot tea, I was almost feeling nausea at times. It was definitely my body's maximum safe absorption of dried kratom tea.  I actually started off at 7 grams of dried kratom leaves and still felt dope sick after drinking my tea.

  The company I use and trust, for my orders, is Bouncing Bear Botanicals. They now have a new kratom product. This amazing product is the Kratom Capsule Machine for your dried kratom leaves. It can Fill 24 capsules in two minutes! You can buy 100 empty pill casings for $3.50 and each pill will hold about a 1/2 gram of dried kratom leaf.  If you are taking a half an ounce a day of Kratom to keep yourself from getting sick, you would need to take 28 pills a day. You can probably see how this might become problematic for anyone needing higher doses. If higher grade (also more expensive) kratom was used in the capsules, a person would not have to take 28 pills a day. I would start off with a small dose and work my way into higher dosages.

  Bouncing Bear Botanicals also sells pre made kratom pills, for those of us that just don't feel like working on anything too hard. They have really fair prices, extremely high quality products, and super fast shipping. When purchased by the 100 count, these pills range in price from $22 per 100 ct, to $40 per 100ct. If I was eating 10 pills a day, a 100 ct purchase of some high grade kratom would last me 10 days. The high grade kratom sold at Bouncing Bear Botanicals is called "Super Indo" and "Golden Reserve".

Quality Kratom from Thailand and Malaysia
Quality Kratom from Thailand and Malaysia

  When I first tried to kick heroin with Kratom, I thought there was no way this was going to work. I tried it any way out of desperation when I was dope sick. Half an hour later, my life changed. I didn't have to be a junkie anymore. I didn't have to lie to anyone, or accidentally hurt anyone, and I could do it all for $4 a day, instead of the $300 to $500 a day habit I had before.

  I still enjoy using kratom tea or gel caps every so often. I no longer get dope sick and I have not felt that horrible feeling in a long time. Kratom is by no means as good as heroin. It is much weaker, but it does not make you pee hot on a UA, and it keeps you from getting sick. In my opinion, Kratom works wonders for any type of opiate addiction. From Vicodin and Percocet, to OxyContin and heroin, Kratom worked for me, when I wanted to stop being a slave to smoking tar.


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